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What is The Footy Tipster Membership?

This was initially set up as a “thank you” to those who have loyally supported the site over the years but it’s much more than that nowadays. It’s not just a section with tips; that does it an injustice, really. There are in-depth previews for every tip that explain why each tip has been recommended so you can improve your own skills as a gambler in knowing what to look for whilst understanding the tactical approaches of sides and it also keeps you mindful of bookmaker traps. There is a “banker” section for those of you who don’t care about value odds and just want wins and there is team news from all over the world and lots of contribution from locals so all in all, it’s a very valuable betting resource, in our view.

How much do you charge?

We charge £5 a week or £10 per month or £95 per year – Obviously the £95 a year works out the cheapest over the long-term.

How can I pay?

Please use the form at the top of this page to pay via PayPal. For payment via Wire Transfer or Western Union please click here.

Incidentally, we no longer use Moneybookers due to personal difficulties with them so please don’t ask.

What are the “perks” of becoming a member?

For your fee you will be able to view featured games (which will generally be all of the value tips barring one every now and then, which will be in the free section of the site), and also the ability to liaise with Ian regarding your own bets, not to mention some other relevant news regarding future bets and potential bookmaker traps/fixed games. Lastly, you’ll also be able to see team news from well over twenty different countries around the world on each match day ranging including the likes of Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Portugal,, Poland, Norway, Romania, Brazil, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Croatia, Netherlands, and Russia, although this list could be altered a short notice if we have more or less contributors at the time!

What are the “banker” tips?

Well, first of all, we do hate the term “banker” but simply can’t think of a better alternative. Essentially, these are tips that are very likely to win whether it’s good value or not as we’ve been inundated with requests from our members to give those tips in addition to value tips. We thought it only fair to comply as each bettor has their own style when betting so we’ve implemented it and it’s proving to be a very valuable addition to the site.

When is payment due by?

Whenever you like!

How do I view the “members section” page?

Create a log in via the “log in” button on the right-hand navigation bar and then use the form below. Ian or Toby will then grant you access to view the page.

Why the hell would I want to become a member?

Well, that’s up to you as the individual. We like to think that we offer a good service with in-depth explanations behind each attempt to beat the bookmaker. Most tipster sites will simply list a prediction without reasoning, which even a monkey can do. At The Footy Tipster, we like to offer you our reasoning and whether you agree with us or not, you’ll at least be able to see the thought process behind the tip, which we feel is very important. Your payments go toward supporting and maintaining the site and that in itself allows us the freedom to do more to make your stay on the site more enjoyable and profitable. Additionally, if you don’t like the tips, you at least have the team news to make up your own mind!

Can I opt out of being a member?

Absolutely. However, if you have paid your money and viewed at least one tip on the members section (or had the ability to do so) then you won’t receive a refund for that month. You will be entitled to a refund if you’ve not seen anything on that page, however.

What do I have to do to sign up?

Follow the easy steps shown below!

  1. Register a username on the site by clicking “log in” on the right-hand side of the screen and then clicking “register”.
  2. Fill out the form above including your TFT Username.
  3. You will get emailed when you have been accepted. You may need to be a bit patient as not all emails can be answered immediately, unfortunately, so don’t fret! We aren’t going to run off with your money!!

If making a payment by wire transfer, please email to say that you’re doing it and please also confirm your username on the payment so we know who has paid!

Help – I can’t see the members page!

Ok, please double-check you are logged in before emailing to report any issues! We’ve genuinely not had an issue on the site yet whereby someone cannot view the members section because of a site error and that’s largely because if there’s a problem with that section then there’s a problem with the site as a whole and chances are you can’t get on it anyway! If you are definitely logged in and can’t see the members section then ask yourself if it’s likely that I’ve not put any tips up that day due to a lack of games (usually possible to find out if there are no tips on the main page). If you think that there is an update there and you can’t view it then feel free to email us and we’ll see how we can resolve it.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at Thanks very much for your continued support, ladies and gentlemen!

TFT reserves the right to cancel or decline membership if deemed necessary.

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